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For Employers

Hire Your Future Leaders at Clarkson University

At Clarkson University, we develop productive, mutually beneficial partnerships with companies to power innovation. Corporate relationships thrive through smart collaborations that pair our best people, knowledge and resources with companies and organizations looking for ways to move business forward, gain a competitive advantage and solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

Students are our greatest resource — from their drive in the classroom to each individual’s list of accomplishments. Clarkson University primes all students for the workforce. Our approach starts with hands-on learning, extends to required internships and co-ops for many programs and factors in the ample research opportunities open to undergraduates. Throughout, Clarkson prioritizes problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and leadership, no matter a student’s major.

As you seek our leaders and problem-solvers for your organization, Clarkson University is excited to partner with you.

Become an Educational Partner

A partnership with Clarkson is a true partnership. We work across all areas of the University to deliver the best strategies, services and support, all of which are customized to meet our partners’ specific goals. Additionally, our partners benefit from Clarkson’s longstanding commitment to corporate relationships.

Learn more about recruiting and educating your workforce with Clarkson and extending your impact through research.

Let’s Partner

Interested in a professional partnership with Clarkson or participating in an upcoming Career Fair or on-campus programming? For more information, contact the Kevin ’81 and Annie Parker Career Center today.

Phone: 315-268-6477

Partnering with multiple industries, Clarkson has developed graduate and professional education programs that drive successful careers and produce graduates ready to meet current and future market demand. From master’s and PhD programs to certificates and professional development, Clarkson's exceptional coursework, industry-connected faculty and applied research deliver an unmatched return on investment.

Using innovative online technology and onsite learning at our locations in New York’s Capital Region, Potsdam and Beacon, Clarkson tailors coursework and curriculum to best support your company. Our programs are designed specifically to deliver practical, relevant and applied knowledge across industries. We also work directly with companies to develop the best financial packages and incentives for professional education.

Complete Listing of Our Graduate Programs

Personal and Professional Development Opportunities

Whether your organization is looking for summer interns, co-op participants or full-time candidates, the Career Center is an eager partner. Clarkson students are differentiated in the marketplace because of their grounded confidence gained through numerous hands-on learning opportunities and early networking in their chosen fields of study. All students are required to have a Professional Experience as part of their degree requirements, which makes them top candidates for employers.

Contact the Career Center at 315-268- 6477 or at

We're America's corporate partner university: beyond educating your workforce, our research leads to new advancements and breakthroughs for our industry partners. Collaborating with us directly impacts your company’s performance: uncover solutions to real-world problems; contribute new ideas or solutions to existing problems; explore new methods of analysis and generate new, potentially beneficial intellectual property.

We have signature portfolios of research and a critical mass of researchers and scholars working on healthy world solutions for protecting air, water and habitats; data and complex systems analytics; advanced materials development and next-generation healthcare technologies. Our researchers collaborate across disciplines and in teams for creative solutions that are practical and sustainable.

Contact Sponsored Research Services at

Clarkson’s Research Centers and Labs

Clarkson students are smart. They are innovative, entrepreneurial, driven, ambitious and willing to stretch boundaries. But most importantly, they get things done.

That’s why our corporate partners seek out Clarkson students for internships, co-ops, jobs, research projects, design challenges and many other opportunities.

As a career-focused university, Clarkson constantly seeks opportunities for students to engage directly with companies, learn from industry experts and work on real projects. The benefits are obvious. For Clarkson students, the experiences are unmatched, and they graduate with on-the-job training, in-depth industry knowledge and a deep appreciation of the work companies do.

Clarkson’s corporate partners have several opportunities to work directly with our students.

SPEED Program


Career Development and Internships

Honors Program

Special Topics Courses: Contact Corporate and Foundation Relations at or 315-268-3826.

The Clarkson alumni network — 46,000+ strong — defines our impact. From CEOs, vice presidents and senior executives at some of the world's largest and most successful companies to renowned engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs, Clarkson alums drive business, industry and innovation while keeping the University connected to what’s next.

Our corporate partners can access this extensive network through a variety of philanthropic opportunities, such as matching gifts, event sponsorships and other partnerships through corporate and foundation relations.

Are you a Clarkson alum? Learn more about engaging with, advising and recruiting from our current student body.

Contact Development and Alumni Relations at or 315-268-7718

Career Center Services for Partnering Employers

Partner with Clarkson's Career Center to attract and recruit students for internships, co-ops and full-time positions. Learn more about all available services:

Advertising and Recruitment

Start by advertising internships, co-op opportunities and job openings on Handshake. Amplify this through on-campus and virtual targeted recruitment for co-ops, internships, micro-internships and part-time and full-time employment opportunities.

Learning About Our University

We can provide you with class profile information and salary data, plus connect you with faculty, staff and departments to discuss recruitment and align expectations of students.

Branding and Sponsorships

Make sure our student body is familiar with your brand. Consider engaging through corporate-sponsored field trips, research, student projects and competitions. Connect with the Career Center to learn what is best for your company.

Connect With Students

Connect with our student body through networking events, career fairs, mock interview days, etiquette dinners and other opportunities like discovery sessions, lunch and learns, student group presentations, workshops and panels.

Partner With the Career Center

Partner directly with the Clarkson Career Center for our HireAKnight Partner Program, or collaborate with us on co-branded badges for new-hire readiness, plus for developing summer and winter break programs.

Career Fairs

This twice-per-year event attracts over 150 employers to meet and network with students, be it for internships and co-ops or their first entry-level job. Attesting to the success of this event, about 40 percent of Clarkson students going on to full-time careers were first introduced to their future employer through a Career Fair.

Learn More About Clarkson Career Fairs

HireAKnight Partner Program

Through this partnership, employers receive priority recruitment services that help increase their visibility on our campus. At the same time, they help fund career programming and other opportunities for Clarkson students.

Learn More About HireAKnight

How to Recruit With Clarkson

Through our wide variety of services, we can tailor to your organization’s specific needs. We have options for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 organizations. Throughout the semester, we partner with employers to provide targeted marketing, candidate meetings and additional promotion on campus.

Review All Policies

Review our requirements for posting internships and co-op listings through Handshake. Find recommendations for getting to know and recruiting our students.

Post Your Position

Utilize Handshake to post your internships, co-ops and openings for entry-level and experienced positions.

Host a Discovery Session

Share more about your company’s history, impact and culture, as well as the work you do and the opportunities you are presenting through a Discovery Session.

Reach Out

Email to learn more about our students, recruit talent and become engaged as a lifelong partner!

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